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  1. Can i export my current NOD32 settings and then import them into ESS?
  2. for my NOD32 i have the settings changed to my PC needs. Infact most of the settings are changed, including the exclusion list which is quite big and i don't want it flush away because of installing ESS. I guess installing ESS fresh is better?
  3. Hi, If we're on NOD32 antivirus trial, can we upgrade to ESET Smart security without having to lose the settings set by the user? Is it necessary to uninstall the NOD32 to install ESET Smart security or can we just install ESET SS on top of it without causing any problems? Cheers!
  4. Good day everyone, I find ESET NOD32 Internet protection module to be quite weak when it comes to detecting a malware site. I've tested some extreme malware sites while NOD32 internet module enabled, from my testing out of 30 sites only 8 were detected which is very disappointing. NOD32 developers please take a view at this site, shows list of thousands of malware sites on the globe web. List is updated constantly daily basis. -- https://quttera.com/lists/malicious Thank you.
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