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  1. So we have been under a "Temporary License" for an extended period while some details were worked out with VDI environments. Now we have purchased a 3 year license and I have imported that license in the console. The agents that were deployed under the Temporary License still report in as such. Is there a method for transfering/updating these installations to run under the new/official license, or am i going to have to rip and replace the existing installs with new agents under this new Business License?
  2. We are in the process of evaluation of the Eset product line. I am trying to better understand the impact that "Presentation mode" presents to an End Point system. I get that while in Presentation Mode there is a level of suppression of notifications etc. Are there other risks or considerations? Does this in some way (aside from suppression of Notifications) that this increases the Attack Vector for the PC? Just want to understand just how significant this is and how concerned I should be about ending long running Presentation mode sessions.
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