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  1. Recently, my log scanning time dropped to a third its previous value. No complaint, but it was so significant I wondered if I mangled something. I do not recall changing any ESET parameters. 

    Oct. 20  Log
    Scanned disks, folders and files: Operating memory;Boot sectors/UEFI;WMI database;System registry;C:\Boot sectors/UEFI;C:\
    Duration 09:53

    Oct. 19 Log
    Scanned disks, folders and files: Operating memory;Boot sectors/UEFI;WMI database;System registry;C:\Boot sectors/UEFI;C:\
    Duration 31:13

  2. I'd vote for usability, clarity, convenience over flashiness. There is one thing I would change. The Tools menu takes two clicks to get to the most frequent things I use. I imagine that the first click that leads to Payment Protection, Connected Home Monitor, and Anti-Theft are the upgraded features beyond the most basic product and so there is economy of coding in leaving the rest of the tools separate. So I have to use the "More Tools" option to get what I really want. Not a big deal.

    Long ago I used a system called ccMail. When you deleted an email it responded with a little flash of fire. Not necessary but oh so gratifying. 

  3. I get a lot of these messages on startup. I do not see explorer in the Startup list in Task Manager. I also get a fair number of HIPS entries about self-defense and access to eset files. I recently changed from MS Edge to Firefox in the Banking & Payment Protection feature. Eset is not showing any alerts. Is this anything to worry about? 

    Sample messages from HIPS: 

    2020-06-07 5:25:21 PM;C:\Windows\explorer.exe;Modify startup settings;HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-21-136920658-3447232488-3887249229-1001\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnce\Application Restart #24;allowed;Automatic mode;

    2020-06-07 5:24:13 PM;C:\Windows\System32\csrss.exe;Get access to another application;C:\Program Files\ESET\ESET NOD32 Antivirus\ekrn.exe;blocked;Self-Defense: Protect ekrn and egui processes;Terminate/suspend another application

  4. This problem has not reoccurred. I did try changing the keyboard protection setting and keying away while watching. No changed keystrokes. I enabled the setting again, typed a lot, no problems. I tried keying into notepad, no problem. I tried running an ESET virus scan and Windows Defender and Cinebench while using the protected browser. No errors. There were times when the display lagged the keystrokes. 

    The website I had trouble with was under heavy load. I am willing to believe this problem is due to a heavy load plus the under-powered capacity of my PC. I know that is unsatisfying and if I get this again I will collect logs. 

  5. For the last couple of versions ( and its predecessor) I think that the ESET secured web browser has occasionally been changing my input. E.g. I type "45..." and "p1..." shows up. I thought it might simply be me mistyping things but it has happened often enough that I think there is a real problem. After I have this problem, if I type slowly the keyed characters do appear correctly. If I type quickly while watching my hands, the text usually appears correctly but after a delay. 

    I have an old rather sluggish PC (Pentium N3700 1.6 Ghz cpu) running Windows 10.0.018363. I run scans pretty frequently, both ESET and Windows Defender and they both take a long time so my CPU often runs at 100%.

  6. I recently installed Treesize Free from the Microsoft store, from JAM Software. Installation was fine, execution worked, no ESET problems. For some reason, I wondered where this product was installed. A Treesize FAQ said it was in Program Files (x86), but I did not find it there. I looked in Program Files and it was not there either. I think I am showing hidden files. This made me suspicious and I uninstalled this app. I realized at this point that I could have used ESET reputation reporting (Running Processes) to check this app. I could reinstall this app and look at its reputation, but I wondered if it is possible to check the reputation of an app without installing and running it. 

  7. Hello,


    I got the js/agent.ntd threat about 5 days ago. I had done an in-depth scan at 10:20 am that found nothing, and had problems later in the day. Another in-depth scan found it at about 10pm. So the threat is gone. But I am not sure what it did while it was on my PC. I am chagrined to say that I have some sensitive files such as tax forms and scanned images of id. I looked at last access dates for some of the files and they seemed to suggest there was no recent access, but I do not know if last access date can be trusted. There is some activity reflected in the event log, but I do not recognize anything exceptional. I did not have any auditing of file accesses. I did not have idle time scan on. (I do now.) I probably got the virus via clickbait. 


    So two questions: Can I know what information might have been divulged? Is there a reference to using eset to lock down a PC to the maximum extent, whatever the performance cost?


    Thanks for reading. 

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