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  1. Thank You. I did the same and it succeeded. I will also keep the advice to check paths after every update in mind...(when will MS make things simple for the end user, eh?! 😣 FYI, I got a completely different set of exes and in different paths than you, as in the attached image 🤔
  2. I run a laptop on Windows 10 Pro 1809, and run ESET Internet Security latest version on it. My primary browser is Firefox and I use MS Edge browser only as a PDF/ebook reader. So I wanted to block internet access to it. I created a couple of firewall rules in ESET IS to Deny access to Edge across all protocols, in and out. But for some reason, Edge is still able to connect to the internet. I am blocking two applications related to Edge as per attached image. Please help me understand why Edge is still able to access the internet despite this. Is there something else I need to do to achieve this? Thanks and Regards, RK
  3. Sure, I shall try to provide you with the same. Edit: Can you help me with the "How to prepare the App-V (SoftGrid) virtual application" section of the link you suggested, with respect to Eset smart security?
  4. I recently bought ESET Smart Security (latest version) and I have it running on my Windows 8.1 laptop. While I have not noticed any other problems, the one thing that I have noticed is that after installing it, my External HDDs keep getting activated (waking from sleep mode) periodically. This did not use to happen this frequently before (Windows itself has some components that also do this, but I disabled most non-essential ones), so I am thinking that it is some component of ESET smart security that is doing this. I would like to know how to prevent ESET from waking up / activating my external devices automatically. Thanks.
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