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  1. Hi. I just installed NordVPN from the Mac Apple Store but it seems that ESET is messing with it and I get disconnected every 2 seconds. Is there anyone facing the same issue? Any solution? Thanks B.
  2. By using often a setting I realized it will great to add something to it. I am talking about "Blocked URL" from "Web Access Protection". Will it be possible to add a program which checks if an URL is already blocked? I found out that if you typed twice the same URL, it is still added to the list. Having many ones now, it getting difficult to manage them. Regards B.
  3. Hi Donmenico. I had the same issue even after opting out the option in the settings. However I could get rid of it with a right click on the icon, option -> Remove from Dock
  4. Hello. Thanks for the reply and input. FYI the link you provided ends up on a 404 page
  5. Hi. I am experiencing a slow startup issue with ESET CyberSecurity Pro for macOS Sierra 10.12.1. I am facing a very long pause (anywhere from 2 minutes) after logging in. The desktop loads, regular startup items load and right before ESET loads, the mouse cursor turns to a spinning beachball. Both WiFi and wired network connections hang at this point as well. Sometimes I can open Activity Monitor and view the status of running applications. Usually, I always find the 'systemuiserver' process stuck in a not responding state. If I can open System Preferences, the Network settings window is blank and does not display any network adapters. Uninstalling ESET resolves the issue. Thanks for your help. Bruno
  6. Hi. Any update on this issue. I just bought ESET CyberSecurity Pro and I am facing the same concern. Thanks