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  1. You say that you listen to your customers, but if you did, the documentation of ERA 6 should have been stellar by now. Unfortunately it is not. It is still lacking a great deal. For example, you want to see what a specific field in a policy actually means, how it works or how it should be formatted etc. You click the "?" and you get no useful help. Every single field should be documented fully. It should be obvious.. You are simply cutting corners and your customers are paying for it with their wasted time. Also.. "Next-gen" software with no automatic in-place upgrade. What a joke.. There is a lot of ways the v5 to v6 upgrade could have been handled better by ESET. You simply did not spend time on it because it. My feeling is that somebody in ESET management panicked because they did not know how to answer the "cloud" hype and just push for the release of a product that was not finished and not thought through. Brgs, 10y+ Eset NOD Administrator
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