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  1. Hallo! I´m experiencing the same problem when working on my Synology-NAS. The first time opening an Indesign- Document gives the error described above. But the real Problem is: I cannot save an Indesign- Document on the NAS-System. This didn´t occure until I installed CSP. I agree with printpraxis that the problem lies within the scanning of the temp-files. Regards, Tom
  2. Hallo everybody, it seems that I have the same problem. Yesterday I downloaded the newest version and installed it on two Macs. One of them is a MacPro5.1 with Yosemite (10.10.5) and everything is working as intended. The other one is a Macbook Pro 2011. Again it is working with Yosemite but SmartScan and DeepScan start without scanning any file. The Log-File shows Error [4] meaning that Cyber Security Pro has not been able to do the scan. What can I do that my harddrives are beeing scanned? Regards, Tom
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