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  1. itman - thanks for your comment. Yes, I did use Eset's Uninstaller utility in Safe mode then downloaded and reinstalled Internet Security v.11.0.159. But that didn't work. I should add there were no problems with v. Perhaps a recent WN10 update issue? However, a trial version if 34.0 is doing the exactly the same thing on another WN10 (Enterprise) computer. Odd? timse201 - Thanks. Yes, that's true, the A/V-alone version doesn't have Banking etc. , but I'm using Internet Security, specifically for that (and firewall interactive mode). No option, I guess, but to keep fiddling.
  2. This appears to be completely missing from my installation of the latest version ( There's no desktop icon nor is it shown in the start menu ESET folder (see jpg) Nor can I find a setting in the Advanced Setup menus. Tried changing my default browsers from FFox (67.0.1, thought that might have been the problem) to Google Chrome (latest) to Epic (latest) then MS Edge and IE. I even reinstalled Windows 10 Pro x64 1809 (for other reasons, too) and tried ESET without anything else in the OS. No luck. It worked fine before either I updated FFox or ESET, or both. Anyone else having this problem? Or has banking protection been changed in this version, somehow, and I've missed seeing it.. Thanks
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