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  1. Well, that's unfortunate. I'd suggest adding that as a feature, since there are many cases I could think of where it would be useful. Thanks anyway.
  2. Check and see if you have a mobile license. I logged into my account recently, and discovered a free mobile device license good until 2030. I'm guessing it's a promotional thing from Eset, but I had no idea until I looked. My guess is that you have the same thing.
  3. So, as the guy everyone knows who knows computers, I'm often asked to help with their computers. One of things I like to do is remove their drive and scan for infections, but unless I uncheck the "Documents and Settings" junction point on the root, along with the "All Users" and "Default User" ones under Users, it ends up scanning my drive, too. Is there a way to tell NOD32 to ignore those junction points during a scan, or do I just have to deal with it? I've already gone through all the settings and can't find any that are relevant. It's not a massive issue, just mildly annoying.
  4. The files went back all the way to 2015, so it had been accumulating for some time. I don't recall the specifics, as I already purged anything older than a month.
  5. Is it possible to have Eset (currently v9, not upgraded to v10 because of a few usability issues) automatically purge quarantine files after 'X' number of days? I just checked one of my machines, and it had nearly 10GB of quarantine files (I use that one to scan for friends and family, when they get infections). I can do it manually, but it would be nice if it had a setting to happen automatically.
  6. While a UEFI version would be nice, all computers do have support for CSM boot. You need to first disable Secure Boot in the BIOS, then save (or save and restart). After which, you can enable CSM and then boot from the disk/flash drive. It's not optimal, but it's possible. *EDIT* Just realized this post is several months old; nevertheless, the information is still relevant.
  7. The filter enables you to filter records according to certain text they contain in specified columns plus you can specify the severity of the records to filter as well as the time period. If you need more advanced filtering, you can export the log to a text file and use other tools to filter the desired records. This is quite irritating behavior - and is precisely what brought me to the forums today - especially when it's the inverse behavior of how the "filter" option used to work. I thought perhaps it was a bug, only now to find out it's a "feature". Is there any chance of restoring the previous functionality, of excluding items in the filter, instead of filtering one item to the exclusion of all else?
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