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  1. So after I upgraded my ESET to 6.0 my internet started crashing when I search for online servers and community servers in for example games like Counter-Strike, I've allowed these programs in ESET under network settings (in this case its steamwebhelper.exe, steam.exe and csgo.exe). I sent a support request and he told me to upgrade to 6.4 so I started windows in safe mode and uninstalled 6.0 and installed new 6.4 but still thing still happends. My internet just stops for a few minutes (3-5 minutes) until it gets back up. This does not happend when I have ESET disabled so I think this is a new bug that comes with the new release. The problem I think happends is that the network protocol gets too many requests which crashes ESET's web access protection. Thanks for any help.
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