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  1. Interesting fact about me? Hmm Well, everyday I am humbled by how little I know, how little I need to know, and how to find time to pursue answers to what I would like to know. I don't see how I can possibly retire from computers as our lives revolve around them, so I may as well keep getting benefits and a paycheck working with them. I enjoy the English language, grammar, proofing, editing. Yep, I'm in the right job I think. Did you know? Doctors use words based on Latin and Greek, and if you break down those 5 and 6 syllable words, you can determine what they're talking about! So now I'm just babbling waiting for my post to be approved and then answered. Hopefully, I will be able to find the answer once it is posted.
  2. I'm ggPRO, I'm old, and easily confused, and my computer guy said I should ditch all other security sites and use ESET. Thus, here I am. I edit speech recognition for a living, in medical field. Eh, whatever. WIN 7, still hoping a few years with 7 left so any unhappiness with 10 will be worked out. Trying to finish setting up ESET on 2 computers, 2 smartphones. So I signed up for multi device. When I go to download it, it asks me to choose from 3 different ESET products, none of which is called multi device download. ??? Now what? No idea what I paid for already, except it was called Multi Device for home and small business. Looks outstanding. I am truly handicapped -- mentally handicapped! Ah, to be 12 again, at least in my brain. Now, too much white matter loss or something. I would very much like to get ESET up and running so I can secure my computers which now are not being used until I get ESET running. (sigh). could someone please tell me how to determine WHICH of these choices includes Multi Device for home and business? THANK YOU (the 3 listed are: ESET NOD32; ESET Internet Security; ESET Smart Security)
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