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  1. I have deleted and re-created all scan schedules with option to scan "At the next scheduled time" if missed. Seems to have resolved the issue. Thanks Tom
  2. We are on 6.3.12010.0 I have made changes you suggested and will post back later in the week. Thanks Tom
  3. We have a situation where EFS runs multiple scheduled scans. Sometimes it spawns as many as 20 at the same time which grinds our VMs to a halt. It seems each scan runs over the same files wich does not make any sense. We run a mixture of MS Server 2008/2008R2/2012R2. This particular issue happens on all MS server versions. Servers have scheduled in-depth scans assigned to them via policies. Each server has only one weekly scan scheduled to run after hours. I cannot see any specific settings which would control this behaviour. See attached pics for more details. Any ideas? Thanks Tom
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