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  1. I’m using a Windows 10 Insider build, which has been updated to 14965 last week. Since then, when browsing the web in Chrome, some HTTP requests fail with the ERR_INVALID_CHUNKED_ENCODING error (see attached screenshot). This makes web browsing unusable, because style sheets, scripts and images fail to load. When this issue first appeared last week, I reverted to an earlier Windows 10 build (Microsoft lets Insiders do that, but only for a week), and now I’m again on the latest build and the issue has re-appeared. I have tried re-installing ESET Smart Security, but that did not resolve the issue. Note that ESET attempted to insert a root certificate into my root store, but I refused to allow that and turned off SSL protection (“Enable HTTP checking” control). Right now, my options are to either revert to a previous build again (for another week) or stop using ESET and switch to a different AV software. Please help!
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