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  1. I have a similar issue. Just installed ESET10 (download 25/11/2016) on Windows10 computer and rebooted. Windows keeps popping up 2 messages about every 3 seconds and flooded my Action Centre notifications with few thousand messages: Message 1: "Check Virus Protection. Windows Defender and ESET Smart Security 10.0.369.0 are both turned off." Message 2: "View Firewall Options. Windows Firewall and ESET Personal firewall are both turned off." When I open the "Security and Maintenance" control panel on Windows10, all looks OK, with ESET firewall and antivirus protection being turned ON. When I open the "Settings", Defender is turned OFF (automatically at install of ESET?). Any ideas how to fix this issue and prevent Windows from popping up those thousands of annoying messages? Many thanks!
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