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  1. Well, I am about to answer my own question here, but this may help someone else. To password protect settings (this includes disabling real-time protection as well). Go to Advanced Setup - User Interface - Access Setup and click set password.... Also thanks again puff m-d for the help!
  2. Thank you for the response that solved my problem. However, this can be bypassed by disabling the real-time protection. Is there a way to lock the real-time protection or password protect it as well as making changes in the advanced setup?
  3. Hi, Currently running ESET NOD32 AV 6 and I am attempting to block social networking sites. Can't seem to block the encrypted/Https version of these sites. For example, to block the ever so popular facebook, I went in to Advanced setup - Web and Email - Web access protection - URL address management, I checked List active and added the following addresses to the List of blocked addresses: *facebook.com* https://*facebook.com* https://facebook.com www.facebook.com Any suggestions? Thanks
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