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  1. the PCs using Mcafee is out of our ESET network, so the threat only for that network. We didn't notice that malware in ESET network. In 2015 one of my friend was struggling with CRYPTOWALL ransomware which is infected to a file server. ESET has given a tool for decrypt those files after a 6 month from the attack. that is why I asked you can we found a key later. thanks for your support....
  2. We have ESET Remote administration environment, but this happened to one of our separate site that running Mcafee. So you said can't decrypt. Is this for ever or can we find a way later.
  3. please help to recover my files. Files are encrypted by cerber ransomware and also changed file name with extension .96b1.. isthare any eset tool for decrypt those files....
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