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  1. I can confirm this issue, or at least I believe it to be the same problem. A client of ours has ERA 6.4 on their server (Windows Server 2012) as well as several workstations. I started to move a very large file from the server to a NAS they have and while that was running I did a scan of their system using TreeSize (to find any space/storage hogs). I noticed that after the scan completed, it kept showing my total file count increasing by the hundreds every few seconds. I drilled down the list of folders and found it to be exactly what was described here, though it was increasing at a drastic rate, which probably would have ended up as hundreds of MB within an hour. I only came across this thread after doing some research online as ESET was the only thing that was recently installed or changed on the server within the past month. I decided to stop the file move I initially started and suddenly the file count in the folder went back to 'normal' and I saved a couple hundred MB of space. I can only imagine it was the ERA agent inspecting/scanning the file I was moving over the network and creating all of those files. I haven't been able to confirm this on the other 13 workstations that ESET is installed on as I haven't been at the physical location of my client yet, but will do so this weekend. If this is the case, I've been copying a good deal of data from each workstation to the NAS in terms of backups so said folder will be huge by now. Is there any ETA on version 6.5 at this time? This is a serious issue for any environment, large or small. Thank you.
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