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  1. I'm curious, will the HIPS be any different in the next version?
  2. I would love to get an alert whenever policy mode blocks anything, i'd use it more, cause no matter how many rules I have it always seems to still block something and interactive mode is way to chatty.
  3. I'm not seeing that, is it in the main settings or rule editor? Ok I found it but that's for rules that have been created, what happens if something is blocked that isn't in the rules editor?
  4. Is there a possibility to create some sort of alert for the HIPS when policy based mode blocks something? It's very annoying to have to go check the log to see if anything has been blocked.
  5. I'm not sure if this has been mentioned but whenever I do a right click scan I would like to see options in that small scan window to remove, delete, exclude etc it's kind of annoying not having those options atleast to me.
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