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  1. Thanks for your response. You are correct. It cleaned one file. But there are more files affected. ESET should be able to clean all the threats I believe. I will set the ThreatSense to "Strict" and give a try.
  2. Thanks for your response. But i couldn't find an option to change the scan mode. Can you please help to change the scan mode? Moreover where's the option to see the infected files and how to fix them by deleting, quarantine or ignoring? Kindly help me. See when i give the computer scan it directly starts scanning. No option to select scan mode. When I checked in custom scan, "scan without cleaning" is unchecked by default. Still its detecting threats and cleaned ZERO
  3. Hello all Recently I bought an ESET Smart security from a retailer and installed it on my PC. I have done a complete system scan. Eset detected 14 threats but "Zero" cleaned. I couldn't find an option to see the infected files and I couldn't select an action to take like "delete, quarantine, ignore" etc. Ran one more scan, this time it detected 27 threats. Still Cleaned NONE. Only option I left with was "Finish" button. I am still unable to find the infected files in each scan and how to clean those. When I go to "Tools -> More tools -> Log files -> Detected threats"... It shows only 11 threats. That too replication of same threat file. When I check the scan logs, it shows a long log, but neither showing the infected files nor an option to take any action. Kindly help me in the above concern. I am posting the details below along with the screen shots. OS : Windows 10 Home 64 bit Make : Compaq Presario CQ43 ESET version : Smart security 9 (9.0.408.0) Virus Data base : Up to date Thanks in advance..
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