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  1. I have the proxy set up, I have created new policies to use the proxy. Is there anything else I need to do? how will I know that it is working properly? Am I able to see what it has cached, or atleast a spot where I can see something has been cached?
  2. We have about 18000 machines, not sure if we are using ESET Dynamic Threat Defense, how can i tell?
  3. I am looking to install the Apache HTTP Proxy for the updates for my clients computers. Am I ok to install this Apache HTTP Proxy on the ESMC server or should I be using another server for this purpose. If I need to install it on another server are their specs available for it? Thanks!
  4. Description: unable to efficiently delete/mark as resolve issues that ESET fixes Detail: There are things that ESET fixes on its own but it still leaves them in the console with cleaned by deletion etc. There is no easy way to mark them all as resolved, there should be an option to automatically do this so the console is cleaned and actual issues can be more easily found.
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