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  1. I have the exact same problem as well. I even tried moving the proxy off the main ESMC server and on to a dedicated server and its still doing the same thing.
  2. Hey Guys, I need to make a change to the apache tomcat settings for the ESMC server. Does anyone know where to find the config file? I found the httpd.conf fole for the proxy server but nothing for the ESMC server itself. I guess it may be called something else.
  3. I have the proxy set up, I have created new policies to use the proxy. Is there anything else I need to do? how will I know that it is working properly? Am I able to see what it has cached, or atleast a spot where I can see something has been cached?
  4. We have about 18000 machines, not sure if we are using ESET Dynamic Threat Defense, how can i tell?
  5. I am looking to install the Apache HTTP Proxy for the updates for my clients computers. Am I ok to install this Apache HTTP Proxy on the ESMC server or should I be using another server for this purpose. If I need to install it on another server are their specs available for it? Thanks!
  6. Hey Guys, I am trying to deploy the EMSC Agent from the console to some MAC devices and it keeps failing. It says failed to start Task in the server task that was created. I have never been able to get this going but there is a renewed push from the powers that be so I have trying again. Does anyone have any experience doing this or know of some things that i can try. I have the MAC joined to the domain and, my server task is set up like my Windows task that works correctly but I choose the MAC agent instead. Thanks!
  7. Description: unable to efficiently delete/mark as resolve issues that ESET fixes Detail: There are things that ESET fixes on its own but it still leaves them in the console with cleaned by deletion etc. There is no easy way to mark them all as resolved, there should be an option to automatically do this so the console is cleaned and actual issues can be more easily found.
  8. Hey Marcos, I emailed the file as you suggested, do you know if I will get a response on whether or not they need anything else from me, or if they are able to help?
  9. it is a machine that was syncing with the crytolocker machine, and the onedrive was encrypted. So it spent a month or so trying to sync back the help_decrypt files. The one drive is now clean and no new threats are detected. I have deleted the object before and it comes back with the same stuff :/ I did it again, it should come back in an hour or so, i will report back then.
  10. I am trying to white list a particular .exe file for a program called Clicker 6. It has a few .exe files that get nailed for "Win32/Packed.Themida" (crickactivate.exe). These files are fine they show up in a few paths with random character folders so its difficult to white list the path. The company says they use code to secure their activation process or something to that effect which is why it gets nailed. Is there a way i can white list this file and/or the "Win32/Packed.Themida" threat so it is not checked for?
  11. I am working on cleaning up our ESET environment up and creating automated tasks. I have a few computers with 50000 threats and one with 2.5 mil. is there a nice way to clear these stale threats?or delete the object and have a fresh one readded without deleting the threats manually 500/100 at a time.
  12. ah i see, another reason to hate SCEP. There is a command line uninstaller for it. Is there a way to use the command to remove it and then have another task executed after it to install ESET?
  13. I run the report and i see SCEP listed but when i click on choose "application from list" it is not there. is there something obvious that i am missing?
  14. Hey Guys, We are currently have System Center End Point protection installed on all of our devices and are working towards installing ESET. I have a GPO that installs the agent and that is working well. My next step is to remove SCEP and install ESET. Is there away i can do this in 1 task or have the install run after SCEP is removed? I have found that the 3rd party AV removal works but removes ESET aswell if i install it before removing SCEP. If i need to do the removal on the devices first i would need to wait for this to complete in its entirety as if i overlap the tasks if eset installs first it will be removed as soon as the 3rd party AV removal task is run. Any suggestions on how i could do this without leaving a gap in AV protection as we switch? Thanks,
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