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  1. Thanks for the info. Note that I have not been able to find this information anywhere in your documentation or anywhere on the internet. It appears to me (and many others from reading stuff on the internet) that everything in ESET 6 is way less obvious to figure out and many of your customers are unhappy at the change from ESET 5 to ESET 6. Will there ever be a native app to replace the Remote Administrator 6 Web Console?
  2. Your documentation implies that the rename task renames to a FQDN style. hxxp://help.eset.com/era_admin/62/en-US/index.html?st_rename_computers.htm Does it also fix the issue of the miss-match between computer name and the device identifier information? In my company we have a fairly high staff turnover so PC's are rename on the AD domain frequently.
  3. That's for Computers in Lost & Found though isn't it?
  4. Can anyone explain to me how to handle PC Clients that have had their names changed. E.G - When someone leaves the company and a new person starts we change the machine name. So in ESET Remote admin the old PC is still listed and communicating happily. I go into details and under Device Identifiers it shows me the new name of the PC - so the Name and Device Identifiers dont match up. When I re-sync with Active Directory the newly named PC then shows up but won't get the agent installed via Group Policy as it's already there and communicating fine. I then have two PC's listed, one with the wrong name but correct identifiers and one with the right name but no agent. I appreciate I can edit the details etc but should this not update the information auto-magically?
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