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  1. We deploy Eset Agent 7.1.717.0 via WDS but on some machines Eset won't start. Upon looking at the logs it doesn't point to the Management Server but localhost. I login as the local administrator of the computer into apps and click on modify but I get the message that I don't have Administrator Privileges. So I'm unable to change the ip address to point to the management server. I've tried to reinstall with the same version manually but just as it's about to start copying files it says "Installation was not completed successfully possibly due to malware". It's a newly imaged machine that hasn't been used yet. I run the suggested cleaner which finds nothing but the install still fails the next time I start it for the same reason. I've gone into safe mode using the local administrator account and try to do an uninstall but that option is shaded out. I also try to change the ip address to that of the management server but I still don't have any privileges. I've tried the uninstaller from the website and still no luck. In the event viewer it states that a newer version has already been installed but it's the same version.
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