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  1. Thank you for the response, @MichalJ. I get it. I'll save my EULA commentary for another forum.
  2. Is it possible to have the install task use whichever version is available instead of a specific build? For instance, have it install version 6.5 regardless of the "sub-build" of that version. That way the task won't be broken by fixes/improvements automatically applied in the repository. If not available now, could this be in ERA 7?
  3. Reports! Of course! I see what you mean on how DG's work actively with the Agents. That makes sense. Thanks for the extra explanation and tips on what to watch for on doing a "repair". I will get things upgraded to 6.5 soon.
  4. Thanks, foneil. The search criteria is correct but the action I want it different. I need to push the Agent installation on them as my server configuration changed and I need to redirect them to the new target. The ERA server was modified before the Agents were informed. Now they're orphaned. Any other thoughts with that in mind? Is the task that you mention above usable for my action?
  5. In ERA 6.4, is it possible to create a Dynamic Group Template based on the Last Connected date? I'm not able to locate the correct field for the Expression Rule.
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