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  1. Now we don't see the update notification at boot because to apply a microsoft certification, add the fact that we don't have info about virus signatures so easy as just to pass the cursor on the icon on taskbar, the simplification here means less info about the daily correct functionality of the software
  2. Here an other user that suggest show database virus and the splashcreen on boot mainly to see the correct update dialog at first boot total agree with @reisender1967 and @miyagi
  3. So, what's the default behaviour with updates from 10.xxx builds and with a major version (v11) ? Thanks
  4. That's the default behaviour? How I can do that? Thanks
  5. Hello, I'm confused here, I don't know how is the behaviour about program updates for ESET, you mean, it updated itself without notifications, or manually. And, in general, also with major versions, the user must click in update in order to get the latest version? maybe that's why some friends are still in V8, I don't like that behaviour. Just saying. Thanks
  6. I have reported this to the appropriate product manager. ESS v10 should remain available for download in all countries (although it's not as much promoted as EIS and ESSP) and existing users should be able to purchase a renewal as well. Thank you Marcos! It is excelent to know there will be ESS as renew
  7. Here in México, There is no download link for ESS and if I try to renew ESS I'm being redirected to EIS purchase. Only EAV, EIS and ESS premium are avaible to download and even EAV and ESS premium can't be purchased, only EIS hxxp://www.eset-la.com/download/home hxxp://www.eset-la.com/comprar/comprarnod32enlinea#/producto/internet_security So, what are the options?
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