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  1. That would make sense and I think I've been able to answer my own question. Problem devices are those where 'Virus signature database' = 'Last connected time' + 14 days. This way a device who hasn't updated in 6 months isn't a problem provided it hasn't been seen for 6 months also. However a device who hasn't updated for 6 months but last seen 4 months ago is marked as a problem. Thanks
  2. Hello, I have several thousand devices connected with Remote Administrator. When running reports, such as the 'Top Computer Problems' report, I can see there are 15 devices marked as 'Virus signature database is out of date'. If I pull up these items, these are marked as devices with critical problems. However, I can also run a report on devices based on last update; 40 devices haven't updated in 120 days. 20 devices haven't updated in 180 days. How does Remote Administrator consider there are only 15 devices out of date? What criteria is used to make such a calculation? If I pull up the list of devices that haven't updated in 180 days, some appear in the same list as the critical problem devices but some just warn they haven't connected for some time. Thanks in advance
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