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  1. @rugk I didn't quite understand your last post. As far as doing things like you said, I have used that method of "Populate with selected connection settings". The physical adapter however shows up as "Virtual adapter". I just want to know if this can be fixed? Why is a physical Ethernet adapter showing as a virtual device? The software should work correctly; meaning if I set the network adapter type as a physical network adapter then the appropriate zone should be selected when I am using a physical network adapter, otherwise why even bother having the distinction available in the settings? I just want things to work properly. Hopefully this makes sense.
  2. @rugk I am indeed using a physical Ethernet connection. It is a Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller according to device manager. Because it is a physical Ethernet adapter I want ESS to recognize it as such. When I activate Hyper-V or VMware there will be times that I indeed will be using virtual networking devices. I want ESS to work properly in order to apply the correct rules accordingly. As far as what Windows says about the adapter it is named "Ethernet", is shown as connected to my network named "Home" and the device name is "Realtek PCIe Family Controller" Some additional information that I failed to provide earlier. I am running Windows 8.1 x64 on an HP ENVY dv7 notebook. I am using ESS 8.0.304.0 I hope I answered all your questions, please let me know if you need more details and thank you for responding
  3. When trying to setup Zone Authentication by local network configuration I select "Physical network adapter" but the zone will not authenticate unless I choose "Virtual adapter" I am not using a virtual network adapter so why doesn't "Physical network adapter" work?
  4. That would be kind of cool, however ESET already offers automatic Gamer mode, which causes me not to have to look at it or adjust at all. Yours must work differently than mine. My installation of ESET has a bad habit of engaging "Gamer Mode" when I'm not playing a game and I don't really want to deactivate notifications. This is why I prefer to switch the mode on or off manually, so yeah there's that. But you are right that automatic mode is offered...
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