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  1. Peter kindly provided a link to a preview version, I ran this version and it was fine, no problems. I wonder if Peter can make this version available for others to try?
  2. Thank you Peter, I would like to try again. I've sent you a private message.
  3. It seems a shame that this GUI problem occurs most times, making the scanner almost unusable, as the scanner seem very good otherwise. I'm running Windows XP Pro, 32 Bit and the hard drive has about 200 GB on it. Can anyone please tell me where the virus vault / quarantine is please?
  4. I tried to post yesterday, got the same message, I also have the problem with this scanner and the GUI
  5. Me too, same sort of problem. Using Windows XP Pro 32 bit and Firefox. My scan finished though. Where do I find the Virus Vault / Quarantine, or whatever it's called?
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