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  1. Using latest version, 10.1.219. The circle goes around the icon in the lower right corner resident icon. In the window when Updates is selected, the bouncing dot never stops. Over to the right it never stops saying "Checking for updates" If I hit cancel, and update again manually, it says I have the latest signature database. When I reboot, the process starts over again
  2. Thanks everyone. I know how to solve the solution. Just looking for an easier alternative for clients when simplicity is the utmost goal. Everyone has been so helpful, thank you.
  3. This might be so in version 9, not sure yet. But in default mode with version 8, it shutdown database communication from a program using a custom server to/from it's work stations. I hope version 9 has this fixed in "DEFAULT" mode.
  4. Really not worried about it being "free", as I consider ESet;s pricing a bargain as it is. My clients or I would still pay. They would like a simpler version with a firewall that was very automatic. People who aren't techs or computer savvy often don't know how to answer firewall prompts or don't know if ESet blocked something. They just know one of their programs quit working, or a printer stopped, etc. Thanks for the responses.
  5. I have always used Eset. I have had a few rare problems, such as XP and USB drivers, and some installation garbage left here and there on occasion. Most of the problems have been firewall issues. I have fixed all these problems over time. ESet[s firewall often has to be reconfigured if you install non-popular third party software. Especially when such 3rd party software does updates. (Example: Tire Management software from ASA) Often I find it hard to recommend ESet to non-savvy computer users. I run a PC repair business. If I maintain the business with remote support, I usually have them purchase ESet because I am comfortable with it. But for the client who isn't have computer savvy, or does not desire remote support, I always recommend Webroot. I just wonder if Eset has ever thought about creating an ESET BASIC version for users who want complete simplicity. I am not worried about the debate of ESet having better protection than Webroot. In all my cases, both have outstanding track records.
  6. Well how that service got left there, I do not know. Finally, I took some simple time to resolve this with safety and logic, so I compared some other systems that have ESET on them, and that service was not there. By the name, obviously it seems to be a temporary service used to perhaps install Eset. What ever reason it got there, or improperly was not removed, I am not sure. Anyways I found that it is safe to delete the service from the command line level using: SC DELETE <service_name> This way it takes away the 2 event id errors it caused, and ESet still works properly. Case closed for anyone that comes across this rare instance.
  7. Do I need this service? Can I remote it? Can I uninstall it with SC DELETE? The reason I ask is for years I have 2 event id errors pertaining to this service.
  8. Thank you. I thought so too. I contacted them, awaiting a reply to make sure.
  9. I had a client buy Eset for their Windows machine. They bought a package that also included a Mac version. (Two separate boxes, a Windows box and a Mac box) He wants to know If he can have the MAC codes transferred to a Windows machine? Or who he should contact to ask? Thank you.
  10. I don't want to discourage ESET, but I think it is time to overhaul the network/internet interface for the firewall. I wish Eset the best. They have a proven track record for me, with great and superior protection when it comes to AV protection. Firewall and networking, it is great or troublesome depending on the machine.
  11. Yes I know version 5 would be fine, as before I upgraded to version 6, version 5 did not have that problem. I am patient though, and can deal with the problem momentarily, in hopes of a proper fix. I really like Eset protection, but since version 4 there has just been so many firewall and network issues with so many people. I have always been able to overcome these issues if I had them. I think one day I just may revert to plain Eset AV, and use Windows firewall or something similar.
  12. None of that worked. That is the commands we used back in the ole days to restore XP and Workgroup problems, as well as the direct intent of the commands as you suggested. Anyway, it was a failure. You understand I have internet and it works correct? It's just the delay during boot up as explained. Just making sure is all. As for network settings, I have changed nothing. It is what ever ESS 6 and it's uninstall tool and the installation done to my system. I eagerly await help, thanks so far so very much.
  13. After work tomorrow I will try that, pretty sure I already have and it did not work. If I get enough free time , I will try an uninstall.
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