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  1. Problem with the update again and again and again...Now in this version also update is an issue...I get updating stucked again...Better find solution for this or many people will leave from Eset Mobile Security trust me...
  2. Finally with the latest updated of Eset Mobile Security the problem for me is solved...I start getting the updates and no more updating stuck problem...Till now no problems at all...If anything else happens I will post it here...Regards
  3. Are you going to check my license or fix this problem? I don't get it...Look in the posts other users have same problem...Will you check all their licences or solving the problem as fast as you can...People have problems START listen to them...OK?
  4. No nothing...The request was sent the same day when the post was made...
  5. Ok that's true but it's been almost two weeks since I report this problem and no solution for the problem has been released...What should we do? Stay unprotected with the latest definition database even we paid for this product? I don't understand...This is not good for the company such as ESET...Please resolve this problem quickly...Thanks in advance
  6. I just did everything that you've told me and the problem is still here...Any suggestion? Regards
  7. Hello I will perform this steps and submit to customer care...I really like this app and I want it to work perfectly like it should...So expect my answer after I try manual update... Regards to all of you...
  8. I also get this error when I was running CyanogenMod 10.1.2 (stable) based on 4.2.2 with this apps installed only...
  9. 1.Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000 2.Stock Gingerbread 2.3.6 XWJWB (build date 14.02.2013) 3.Installed apps: PowerAmp Music Player and Yahoo Weather and of course Eset Mobile Security...
  10. No it's stucked at Updating...If I leave the phone on that screen nothing happens (once I left it all night) but if I switch to other app and then back to Eset Mobile Security it says update available or up to date...
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