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  1. Thank you Peter. I expect to have a dump file for you some time within the next week! Kevin
  2. I have been using ESETs online scanner for years and have found it to be a very useful tool. But since the V2 release I have had a 90% crash rate!! I run ESET from a variety of different computers running anything from Vista to Windows 10, both 32 and 64 bit versions. I have started ESET through Edge, IE, Firefox, and Chrome. The crash rate remains the same regardless of OS version of browser. Please fix it. When ESET crashes, it always the same. The scan will run 80+% of the way through before crashing. The ESET window turns mostly black. At this point it will not finish the scan, I cannot access a list of what was found, all I can do is force Windows to close the program. I have also experimented with scan options. I have tried skipping various portions of the scan to see if the crash may be related to any specific options, but the crash rate remains the same. You keep asking for crash reports. For such a prolific are duplicable problem, it seems that it shouldn't be too difficult to figure out what is going on with out submitting them. I would however be willing to do so if you direct me on where to go to find them.
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