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  1. Can you shine some light on your Port 0 usage comment. I am unaware of this in any regard. What is Port 0 or what does it refer too?
  2. Kurt, I do not think it has anything to do with IPv6. I disabled it as part of my troubleshooting and it made no difference. Also, my issue was purely from pc to pc - accessing a folder on another pc. My issue seems somewhat simpler than some of the others mentioned here.
  3. I disabled the Network Attach Protection on the pc hosting the data and it resolved the issue completely. Thank you. And Thank you Microsoft.....grrrrrrrr. What is still baffling me though is that I have another pc in the office that similarly has mapped drives on the same pc's as above and there was NEVER any slow down. Access to pc-A was always good while access to pc-E was bad. I checked and both of these pc's (A and E) that have drives mapped TO THEM had the same update on 4/9 (KB4493509). Does anyone have an idea of why this occurred this way?
  4. I was unable to duplicate the issue. While i was checking setttings in Eset, I noticed that the server computer was on a Public network type. I changed it to private. By the way, in Windows, the network was private on all 4 pc's. I suspect that this may have been the issue all along. Why was it Public, I don't know. Why was it working one night but not the next morning with no setting changes is beyond me as well. I am done for the night. I will check this entire setup tomorrow and see if I can duplicate it. At this point, the Personal FW is enabled on all 4 pc's and I am able to ping the server from both workstation POS terminals.
  5. Itman, Thank you. I still have to check the Trusted Zone. I will work on this again this evening after the client business hours. Thanks. Marcos, I will follow the process and repond back this evening after the client's business hours.
  6. Hi Itman. Thanks for your responses. On one of the pc's, there was a blocked event so I unblocked it but it didn't seem to make any difference. I had a continuous ping running. There were NO blocked events on the other pc. Is a reboot required? When I started troubleshooting, I was able to ping in both directions (workstation to pos server and the reverse). When I enabled the Firewall on the POS server to start troubleshooting, nothing changed. I then rebooted all 3 devices and then I did not have connection from the workstations back to the POS server (i.e. I was able to recreated the original error).
  7. Itman, yes, Eset is installed on all 4 pc's. Please again note, the server is just a workstation, not Windows server. It is the server for the POS system. I hope this helps. Marcos, The answer is NO, I haven't done anything special to configure this network. Out of the box settings. Can you point me to the KB articles about Trusted Zones and the troubleshooing wizard. HOWEVER, I would like to point out that this issue appeared suddenly without any explanation. The site was working perfectly last Thursday, but Friday morning the owner called me to let me know that the POS could not connect. Right now, I have permanently disabled the Personal Firewall. I also wanted to add the I just (last weekend - 5 days before this occurred) updated Eset from v9 to v10. I wouldn't think that this would have ANY affect but who knows.
  8. I have a 4 pc Windows network. One of the pc's is a server for a POS system so it is imperative that the other 3 pc's can connect to it. Unfortunately, I have found the I cannot run the Personal Firewall in this configuration. It blocks connectivity to 2 of the workstations. I cannot ping the server from the two workstations although I can ping the workstations from the server. Can you please tell me what parameters need to be changed to allow network traffic. I would really like to enable the Personal Firewall on the server. I have Eset Smart Security v10 installed. I found a KB article for this subject but it is for v4 and the steps do not jive at all for v10. All pc's have Windows 10 Pro. Thanks in advance for your help.
  9. No, I have not reinstalled ESS from scratch. i will consider that next. I have 2 networks identified (under Personal Firewall/Known Networks); both are DNS servers and are marked as Public. However, when I look under Connected Networks from the Network Protection page, only 1 of them is listed. Also, I can see my LAN IP address (v6) under Connected Networks/Network adapters, but it does not appear on the Known Networks page. Is this an issue? The option to select the network type was set to Automatice (which assigns each connection as Public). I have changed this to prompt me for new networks. Seems like an odd default value. Finally, I validated again that the firewall is the issue. I re-enabled the Personal Firewall and was unable to connect to it in Windows. The firewall is disabled again and I can connect.
  10. I did check my system and Windows Home Group is enabled. Under Allowed services, everything is enabled EXCEPT: Maintain inactive TCP connection, Allow communications for Bridged connections and Allow Metro applications. Any other ideas?
  11. I just upgraded my customer from v8 to v9 (9.0.386) and I lost connectivity to one of my pc's. I have a four pc network and Eset Smart Security on all four machines. After the upgrade I was unable to detect pc1 on any of the other 3 pc's. However, on PC1, i was able to detect each of the other 3 pc's. By detect, I am referring to ping and visibility under Network on each pc. The pc's are interconnected via a Comcast modem/router. All pc's are wired. After troubleshooting a while, I decided to disable the Eset firewall on PC1 and my connectivity was reestablished both in the ability to ping and seeing the pc under Network. I have two questions. 1. Why did an upgrade cause this problem and 2. how should I configure Eset to allow pinging and Windows network discovery. At this time, the firewall is still disabled on pc1. Thank you.
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