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  1. Please make it based on Windows PE 5.1 or higher so that we can use this on UEFI Secure Boot devices aswell as Bitlocker protected devices. manage-bde x: -unlock -pw somepassword It should not be difficult to incorporate the above into the ESET Live GUI (this command works in Windows PE)
  2. Hi, We are after doing our first ESET V6 deployment and are having an issue excluding files by threat. We are trying to exclude a c# program we developed internally, Because it does some security critical tasks like importing a PFX cert using the password we use .Net Reactor to encrypt the exe to prevent people decompiling it and getting the password. After the exe is protected and digitally signed with our certificate evert time its ran by a system with ESET we get a Generik.JWFCABY threat. Ive created a rule in ERA to exclude this threat from the entire computer but ESET is still deleting the file as soon as its accessed. Is there any way to exclude files by their digital signature or way to exclude this false positive its really making a mess of our ERA console.
  3. We had a lab for testing our current software on 2012 r2. File security works fine with the built in definitions on the 2012 r2 preview however as soon as the latest definitions are applied it fails with a Memory_Management BSOD relating to ntfs.sys.
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