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  1. Hi @itman changing the permissions that @JozefG said did the trick. When this crisis is passed and I go back to my office I will do a fresh install to do a clean up, this W10 has been installed for 2 years, that's to much time for windows 😉 Thanks.
  2. ok, that works, windows security windows stop flickering and the events logs of nod32 is not throwing the status update failure. Thanks!
  3. The difference I see is the special permissions, for me is not activated for system, also I don't have wscsvc on the groups&users list.
  4. I don't think so, no other flicker anywhere and I do intense use of the nvidia this days, for simulations with cuda and gaming , also if I disable nod32 real -time and windows defender is enabled(automatically) as shown in the second figure of previous post there is no flicker.
  5. Hi, yes, at CERN domain but it has been at this domain for the las 2 years Done, it is in manual and running If i disable the protection from the system tray icon i get the above result. If I do it from the Advanced setup it seems to work and stop using nod32 to start using windows defender. and then back to normal. What is not shown in the static image is that the above options are flickering as if there where updated every 5 seconds
  6. Hi, @itman & @JozefG JozefG, I sent you the wetransfer via pm I already did what itman is saying, when I started to see this message. first with eset installed I did the powershell health check & restore, and sfc: sfc /scannow -> no problems found DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /CheckHealth DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth then saved my configurations, downloaded a new copy from eset webpage and reinstall it (in spanish), and retried the powershell commands, same result. Messages keep appearing so I reinstall it without copying my settings, b
  7. It's not letting me to upload another file, please send me an e-mail and I will send you a wetransfer link
  8. Hi, Security center: antivirus: (is not shown in the image but there is a flicker, i think because the information is being updated on each attempt of nod32 to register) the log I've created with the advanced logging on, and then procesed with the eset log collector is 500MB, I will put in 5 replies: Because the limitation of extension I can attach this 5 files are "compressed" in another zip each file eis_logs_2part.zip.001.zip
  9. Hi @JozefG, what do you mean with supply? I send them to you via private message, post them here, send them trough support links inside nod32 application? thanks,
  10. Hi, since last week when I boot my windows I get the message the messages: Time;Component;Event;User 01/04/2020 12:36:01;ESET Kernel;ESET Firewall status update in Windows Security Center failed;SYSTEM if I go to ESET logs, this message appear 3 or 4 times per minute Time;Component;Event;User 29/03/2020 4:03:37;ESET Kernel;ESET Security status update in Windows Security Center failed;SYSTEM Thanks,
  11. I acquired nod32 years ago through and offer of the company ONTINET, know when I try to validate the licenses at the licenses administrator, I see that the e-mail where the e-mail confirmation is send is an ONTINET address that it seems auto-generated for the case. Is possible to change the e-mail to which are registered the licenses to my e-mail address? Thanks and best regards,
  12. I've tried but then the real-time switch for windows defender still gray so I can not enable it. So I've been using for several months my computer in the organization domain, but yesterday they called me from the TI Antivirus department asking me why I was not using antivirus, I explained that I was using nod32 but they said that the cannot control this so they ask me for enable windows defender so they can manage or they will block my access. So, is there an easy way to switch from antivirus at any time?
  13. Hello, I want to ask if it's possible to enable windows defender at the same time than Nod32? I'm using my laptop at work and I have nod internet security, but the security policies of my company ask me to have windows defender running so they can control it. Thanks
  14. today I've update nod32 SS to 9.0.402.1, after reboot no internet connections were allowed. My cmputer is windows 7 64b ultimate, nearly fresh install some help? is possible to download previous version, i thing it was 9.0.375... or similar? Thanks
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