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  1. ESET vs Ransomware

    ESET has a DEDICATED ANTIRANSOMWARE MODULE and the test was intended to check the efficiency of this particular module ;web access protection has nothing to do with this. It is like saying that you got flu despite being vaccinated , because you did not wash your hands.
  2. For a while I looked for a HIPS for 64 bit (like Malware Defender) but the general idea is that in 64 bit you cannot have a proper HIPS because of "Patchguard aka Kernel Patch Protection " So, how is done in NOD32, 64 bit?????
  3. I am somehow interested in HIPS, and it seems like you are not the only one complaining about a bug in HIPS. Just out of curiosity , any of you ever got an alert from HIPS in Smart mode? In more than 3 years I never got a HIPS alert in Smart mode, so frankly I do not know if is doing anything....
  4. Still I do not get it how HIPS can attach a name (Spy.Tewgol.P) to a detection based on a rule. Maximum you should get is info about the malicious behavior being detected.
  5. I do not get it; if is a HIPS related alert , how come it sais " a threat Win32/Spy.Tewgol.P was found???? HIPS should alert based on a rule , and at best the alert should say what rule was involved. As long as you already have a name (Spy.Tewgol.P), how do you know was not a definition based alert???? A detection from HIPS I would expect it to be something like:
  6. In over 3 years and 3 pc's , I never got any HIPS related alert from NOD32. Seeing all these threads , I start to believe that HIPS is a pure cosmetic item, with zero functionality.
  7. .Wallet Ransomware

    I do not understand; could he be an "unpaid" version of ESET????? What happened with the "dedicated" antiransomware module in version 11????
  8. Complains about ESET.

    If in real life situations most users are not going to download thousands of malware , why not use a simple and free antivirus???
  9. Complains about ESET.

    Either you do not understand or you pretend not to understand; nobody "hand picked" samples to make ESET look bad , while some other samples were used for the rest of the tested antiviruses , just to make them look good. When a test is being performed by a specialized entity , THE SAME SAMPLES are used for all players involved. I agree that the samples could be limited in number, but this is a fact of life: for example, in order to pass some exam you need to solve a limited number of questions in a limited amount of time; if you do it, you pass. If don't, complaining that is no a real life situation and that you are known as a "good guy" in the neighborhood is not going to help you to get admitted. It is simple like that!
  10. Complains about ESET.

    Nice "speech", unfortunately lacks substance: It is rather common sense than a philosophy. All AV companies have the same. Microsoft used the same justification when they had a low detection rate (years ago) and everybody laugh in their face. Bitdefender, with 99.9% detection rate and 3FP offers a free version ($0 per license);Kaspersky, 99.7% detection rate and 2FP has a free version So, it is possible, without any "philosophy"... Hope you do not take it personally. Happy New Year!
  11. Complains about ESET.

    How would this help or change anything????
  12. Complains about ESET.

    fo·rum ˈfôrəm/ noun noun: forum; plural noun: forums; plural noun: fora 1. a place, meeting, or medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged. "it will be a forum for consumers to exchange their views on medical research" synonyms: meeting, assembly, gathering, rally, conference, seminar, convention, symposium, colloquium, caucus; More informalget-together; formalcolloquy "forums were held for staff to air grievances" setting, place, scene, context, stage, framework, backdrop; medium, means, apparatus, auspices "a forum for discussion" an Internet site where users can post comments about a particular issue or topic and reply to other users' postings. I believe the forum is fine the way it is ; You want only post like "Are you happy with ESET?"
  13. Are you happy with ESET?

    If you want to throw away a PC because is infected, you shouldn't have answered to this topic....
  14. is this possible?

    "Interactive" is more sensitive than "Smart Mode"; in interactive mode you should get each and every possible alert from HIPS. If you do not get it in this mode, you will not get it in "Smart Mode" either.