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  1. Still I do not get it how HIPS can attach a name (Spy.Tewgol.P) to a detection based on a rule. Maximum you should get is info about the malicious behavior being detected.
  2. I do not get it; if is a HIPS related alert , how come it sais " a threat Win32/Spy.Tewgol.P was found???? HIPS should alert based on a rule , and at best the alert should say what rule was involved. As long as you already have a name (Spy.Tewgol.P), how do you know was not a definition based alert???? A detection from HIPS I would expect it to be something like:
  3. In over 3 years and 3 pc's , I never got any HIPS related alert from NOD32. Seeing all these threads , I start to believe that HIPS is a pure cosmetic item, with zero functionality.
  4. V11 .msi silent install fails

    What about restoring an image , rather than reformat/reinstall? Restoring an image is a 7 min operation.