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  1. Marcos -- I trawled through the ESET website and can find no obvious way of contacting Customer Care. Can you help with a link? Thanks
  2. V4 is really old and does not provide sufficient protection against current threats so upgrading to v8+ is a must. As of v5, we started using a driver that takes advantage of Windows Filtering Platform instead of old tdi drivers not officially supported / recommended to use by Microsoft. If you are having an issue with the Epfwwfpr driver, it could be a clash with another driver utilizing WFP or a missing patch for WFP. For all known WFP issues Microsoft has provided a hotfix. I'd strongly recommend contacting ESET Customer Care to troubleshoot the issue as staying with v4 is really not a solution. Ok, I understand, but this happens with Windows XP 32bit and 7 (32 bit and 64 bit) with all MS patches installed with Intel network drivers in Lenovo and Dell machines. It's a problem that will force us to stop using NOD32 if it isn't solved. I will try contacting customer care.
  3. Yes this is very annoying. We know there are newer versions of NOD32 available, but v 8, 9 and 10 keep disconnecting our network whenever any user downloads a single file. It took us ages to find the problem. This does not happen with v. 4, which is why we continue to use it. We won't upgrade until this network disconnect problem has been solved. Please stop nagging us to upgrade, because we can't. Thanks.
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