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  1. I use the free online scanner for years on multiple machines using XP, Win 7, Win 8 and starting perhaps 3-5 months ago when a new version of the download appeared (the GUI changed), the results have always been unpredictable insofar as when the GUI finishes, the results are unreadable -- the ESET window is is completely black and just won't properly restore itself to look readable. The prior version works just fine. This has occurred so many times on so many machines and has never been fixed that I am inclined to conclude it is by design, to perhaps discourage the overuse of the free software. That is, perhaps it is better to do the scan and report the results back to ESET but render it useless for the customer unwilling to purchase it. I am calling out ESET to respond to this and I prefer not to put out a you tube video showing this behavior and showing how to download and use a .NET C# utility I found that parses a painfully difficult log file for the results (the log used to be a flat ASCII file now it is garbagy but parseable by a smart person, certainly someone who is suspicious of potentially disingenuous program behavior by ESET -- this garbagy log file is further evidence of making it difficult for free users by design). Thoughts?
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