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  1. Following the thread: My suggestion are: 1.Make a setting in EIS to let us disable this "accessibility" feature that permits an inbound or outbound connection when an accidental "enter" or "space" key is hit in the interactive firewall popup window. I consider this a major security issue of the product. 2. Let us change the default action of the pop-up window from "Allow" to "Deny", so that when an accidental "enter" or "space" key is hit, the connection is denied. However it would be more useful that enter and space keys are disabled in the popup window (suggestion 1), and let the user choose depending on the situation. Thank you.
  2. Ok, who do I have to contact in this case? I want to report this "feature" or at least suggest this change to the devs. Thank you.
  3. In this case, one should be able to disable such "accessibility" function in the settings.
  4. Ok ..it just happened now with a bot/crawler, i did not want to connect to my website, while chatting and pressing space. This is a real inconvenience. Now i had to restart the vmnat service from vmware to drop the connection.
  5. Maybe I did not express myself clearly. I was suggesting disabling 'enter' and 'space' keys in the popup window, not blocking the ability to create manual rules.. Blocking the network traffic after the harm was done is not a solution. I am using eset Smart Security/Internet Security with interactive firewall for at least 7 years. From my experience as a user, I can assure this is a real problem with the product, and this is happening at least once per week. Just imagine a popup from an attacker incoming connection is allowed by mistake right when you are about to press enter or space for various reasons.
  6. Hi I would suggest to somehow disable the ability to allow a connection in interactive firewall mode in EIS, when you accidentally press ENTER or SPACE in the popup window. It is extremely annoying and sometimes I allow incoming connections which I do not want on my webserver. What do you think?
  7. Hi Eset, Can you take a look on this? I think there's a bug on your latest version of ESS. The interactive firewall keeps popping out when trying to permanently add a rule in this format - Process+Service+IP+Port+Protocol. Thank you. Keep in touch
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