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  1. Pondering updating to 6.x, but two days after release this thread pops up, i'm not sure if this process crash is an isolated incident or something bigger. Did you have any problems before on v5?
  2. So far so good for last week. Fingers crossed for this week, back-to-school ;0) Thank you for the prompt workaround.
  3. I'm planning on upgrading to the latest developer preview of Mavericks and running a skeleton set of apps to try it out. Has anyone had any success of running ESET in Mavericks?
  4. Thanks for the update. I've applied the esets_proxy and esets_pfw in the documented locations and updated the permissions as described. For the two crashes that I have had, I can echo with the other users that I too was actively using a Chrome window when the panic suddenly occurred in esets_proxy. If I crash again, I'll send a new error report.
  5. Did you manually update esets_proxy? Can you confirm the updated version is still installed?
  6. Thanks, I was able to update esets_proxy package inside ESET and checked the pre-release updates in settings. I've only had two crashes prior to applying the test fix, both when switching tabs in Chrome when suddenly the console starts outputting to my desktop before the system restarts. Can you share any analysis of what you may think the problem is, causes, so I know what I should better be looking for. I'm not certain if I will be able to reproduce the problem yet. Can you share what you may have tweaked in esets_proxy? While I wouldn't be totally protected, could I avoid the system crash altogether in esets_proxy if i were to turn off Web and Mail protection?
  7. To be clear, are we to turn on the pre-release updates first, or drop in the esets_proxy file first, or do both before testing again? Thanks.
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