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  1. Wondering why my weekly scan did not seem to run - I investigated the settings only to discover that my instruction to scan weekly at 5:00 PM shows scan at 5:00 PM Fridays Next scan 3:00AM on 21/08/2021! that equates to 3:00 AM next Saturday not 5:00 PM Friday. I have been a user for at least 12 years with ESET and have always had an automatic scan at the correct time of 5:00 but lately have noticed no scan occurring. I only just updated today to Ver. but I have noticed this for a few weeks now so it may not be solely related to this latest version. It is almost like ESET is not following my local computer time but using US or European time??? Anyone else had this problem? regards
  2. Thank you one and all - after the minor ff update everything is now working OK.
  3. Below are two screen shots of what happens when the ESET banking program tries to visit its own bbp redirector:-
  4. This problem remains unresolved. I have noticed that apart from the error message in my earlier post on page 1 that if one looks at the redirector page of BPP etc it is highlighted as unsafe, not trusted and not secure, not providing encryption etc Maybe someone could look into this aspect. I have also tried the advanced update that Marcos suggested to no avail. ozzi
  5. Just hit this problem in Australia 17/02/2020. Running Windows 7 Professional, Firefox 73.0 (64bit), ESET Internet security Secure browser shows "cannot be started.... Associated error 0x847695d7" I tried an ESET KB fix for this - basically to permanently disable secure Banking then restart then and reset secure banking to ON. Did not help the problem at all. My guess is this is a Windows 7 / firefox 73 combined problem as this whole thing does not occur on my Windows 10 system running ESET and firefox 73. ozzi
  6. Hello again, Wihin an hour of my last post ESET Smart Security successfully updated itself, after having been stuck at signature 14095, to signature 14099. (By-passing 14096 to 14098) So, presumably there was some problem with the updating process which subsequently was corrected. Updating has since continued as normal with no further problem. However, since I cleared the updates cache in an attempt to fix the original problem - does this mean that I now only have the most recent update signatures and have lost all previously installed signatures? In other words does each new signature update include all previous updates as well as the new signatures? Many Thanks in advance.
  7. Hello, Today ESS reported that a serious error had occured during updates. (Ox1106). I have seen this in the past and always fixed the problem by clearing the update cache. This no longer seems to work - I am stuck at signature 14095 and I see that the latest signature should be 14098. This is a serious problem to me as I have a three seat subscription with the problem occuring on all machines. I would appreciate someone at ESET addressing this matter urgently. Thank You
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