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  1. I figured I would update this for anyone who might happen upon it with this problem. So I took the plunge and then reinstalled ESet, (after having installed libc6:i386 last month) fully expecting to see the same slowdown problems. I'm glad to say that everything seems to be working great for about 24 hours now. Eset UI comes up really quick (faster than Windows), and I ran a couple of scans without problems. If things turn south, I'll let you know, but this seems to be the solution for Ubuntu 16. ESET SUPPORT: It would be great if you added a note for Ubuntu 16 users in your installation doc advising users to install libc6:i386. And thanks for the help!
  2. Hi. I'm looking for some help with this still. My Ubuntu install has both libc6:i386 and libc6-i386. I'm not sure what Peter means when he says I can't remove libc6-i386 because there are other apps that depend on it... ("sudo apt-cache rdepends libc6-i386" produces quite a few results.). I would like it if someone could help with some instructions to finish up this issue so I can get Eset installed again on Ubuntu. Thanks.
  3. Thanks, Peter. Is it sufficient to just install libc6:i386 or do I need to install a version of ESET that uses this new library? By installing libc6:i386 I will have both that and libc6-i386 installed. How does ESET find the new library?
  4. Actually, it seems like my joy was short lived. Within 24 hours my server shows serious performance problems. I uninstalled NOD32 and things returned to normal. Giving up. I'll find some other solution. Too bad... I use ESET on all my PCs too. At least... I used to.
  5. I just tried reinstalling NOD 32, but this time, I disabled detection of "potentially unwanted applications" (I had been enabling the feature up until now.) With that feature disabled, things seem to be working normally. I have not uninstalled it and reinstalled it with the feature enabled to see if the problem returns because I don't really need the feature since this Linux box acts as a server. I don't do any day-to-day work on it and the chance of loading an invasive toolbar or adware is slim. I would like to enable this feature, however. Has anyone else seen this or tried this test? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?
  6. I have been running Eset Nod32 on Ubuntu 14.04 for a year or so with no problems. As soon as I upgraded to Ubuntu 16.04.1, I have been unable to run Eset because the Eset daemon completely consumes the CPU and drags the OS to a near halt. When i uninstall Eset and reboot the computer returns to normal. When I reinstall Eset, the problems return. I can't keep Eset installed anymore. Has anyone experienced this problem and found a work around? Can anyone run Eset on Ubuntu 16.04.1 successfully? BTW, my license is current and active. Thanks.
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