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  1. hello everyone I am looking to create an encrypted folder this folder should be shared with specific users, and those users will be update that folder, so is there any way to do that on Deslock? And do they need to have deslock activated on their computers as well? Your reply is highly appreciated As a result I am looking to create an encrypted shared folder with a specific team so everything will be added to this folder will be encrypted automatically. any reply or help would be highly appreciated
  2. Hello everyone, looking to move my Eset installation and configuration from and old server to another one, just would like to know what are the things I should backup to complete this process please? I took DB backup what about the configuration, Eset DB password, users and computers configurations, policies and all this stuff I am using ESET Remote Administrator (Server), Version ESET Remote Administrator (Web Console), Version Apache Tomcat 7.0 Tomcat7 your reply is highly appreciated b regards
  3. Hi I could fix the issue , by checking internet connection, thnkx
  4. Hi all, I have one client device unable to connect with deslock server console, I push decrypt process but (enterprise sync) is showing an error on client machine please find the attached image to get the message error, your reply is highly appreciated. B regards
  5. Dear All, how do we treat the unwanted applications, for example some of them already known and I need to add them to the approved list and some need to be removed deleted from era console I have only 2 options Mark as resolved ! + On demand Scan ! the available options will not resolve the issue any reply or help is highly appreciated B regards
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