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  1. Bumping this because I am very sad to find that my own topic on a similar issue did not get approved, when people need to be aware of it, your tech support guy was really good with the situation tbh he remoted into the device, for me to show him the issue, and actually advised me to purchase a product from someone else and apologised your product did not work. In Android 6.0 on my sisters new Motorola Moto E, the traditional "Browser" application wasn't installed and Chrome was the native browser, I enabled the "data saver" option in the app to save her some data, Now the web blocking no longer works, because the device is sending all of the data to google to be compressed before it comes back to you, kinda like the vpn eset use to protect the device in the first place.
  2. I spoke with one of your tech supports who has also seen this on the device and he has said he will be alerting your senior developers, but I thought I should make others aware, I have just purchased a Motorola Moto E for my sister, and it runs Android 6.0, it didn't come with the "Browser" application installed as previous OS' did, it came with Chrome, Now when I was setting the phone up, in Chrome I enabled Data Saver, which sends all traffic through Google's servers and the Parental Control App, does not detect the websites being visited, thus allowing access to blocked content. Turning this off enables the web block to work, however you can just turn it off again without the need for the parental pin. Thanks Have a Good day.
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