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  1. Hi ! I really like this antivirus (top3 in my oppinion) but some items are hard to find for example exclusions and others are out of place ex. quarantine ! Update option is redundant in menu section ! The logs appear too crowded ! In the future i suggest a change in menu for all Eset versions : Home(Scan,Update,Logs),Protection(Virus Scan,Quarantine,Exclusions),Tools,Settings,Help & Support.
  2. I understand ! Eset has a lower number of smart signatures ! Users will see the low number and will choose another antivirus with a bigger signatures number. Users are smarter than that ! The protection level of an antivirus is not measured by the number of signatures i agree ! Some antivirus programs have multiple engines from bigger names but their protection is not superior ! I can speak only for myself but even if another antivirus is 10-30% better in signatures protection but use more resources i still think overall Eset is better ! The combination of components and resource usage matte
  3. I respectfully disagree! Some people care only that the program is up to date and nothing else others are interested to see the database version , release date and of corse signatures number.The second category of users (most of them) know what is a signature and they want to see the update progress. The number of signatures is equally relevant as the database version for some and irrelevant for others! Certainly can't hurt the antivirus !
  4. In update section It will be nice if we can see the number of signatures for example database version 14065 (5 000 000) and not 14065 (20160903 date) we already have last successful update date and time!
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