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  1. On the remote administration tab, when I do a remote install it puts the remote administator server as the hostname of the server instead of the IP address even though I have set the IP address up in the policy settings.
  2. Hi Thankyou, We aren't using the Apple Remote Desktop.
  3. This occurs on multiple machines. It seems the disk image is unmounting before the install has even finished. ADAMS-IMAC:22 Diagnostics user context: adam Installation result: == Exit code: 1 (Failure) == Output from installation: installer: Error the package path specified was invalid: '/Volumes/2d815f2a-6531-4b6a-b1f1-56272aca16e0/Resources/Install.pkg'. == Detailed command output: $ scp --> /tmp/481d48d6-65e6-4e33-9e8f-f197d897db8.install $ scp --> /tmp/2e6c2af9-16b8-4d07-8386-b1571b82f6f.xml $ id -u 501 [Command exited with code 0] $ sudo -S -p "" -l Matching Defaults
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