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  1. Hi TomasP, Thank you for you assistance, I look forward to implementing ERA v7 Regards John
  2. Hi Marcos, I'm not going to create a new thread for a known issue, that's just pointless, and a waste of mine and your time. instead, here is the latest email from an ESET Cetified Technician telling me that its 'coming soon': If you don't want to give my employers business access to this then please just state this in your next reply, but be aware that our license renewal is due in 1st week of August 2018, and I dont wish for a support forum experience to effect this negatively. Thanks Good afternoon The fix is being implemented soon,
  3. Hi, Instead of looking at posts on the forum, how about looking at customers who have logged tickets with ESET for months with no fix, regarding the licensing dupe issues and accept those people to test? I would be interested in testing this new product as V6 ERA is driving me nuts. Thanks in advance John
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