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  1. Hi all, I installed agent on my Ubuntu desktop 16.04 client finished, i created task Software install on ERA server but it fail with below error : Error: NetworkModule [Thread 13c4]: ProtocolLayer: unsupported protocol version, ResolvedIpAddress:, ResolvedHostname:, ResolvedPort:59948 I'm using ERA 6.5, please help me check this. Thanks.
  2. Hi all, I imported ERA 6.5 OVA to my esxi ( 6.5),when process completed, i have a issue below picture attach file.I tried step by step to start this vm but it not working. Please help me check. Thanks.
  3. Hi all, I used ESET SysRescue USB to scan my client.But when i check database virus sign is 9551 ( 20140317), i click update but it not get lastest virus database sign. Please help me check.
  4. Hi Marcos, If i need your help for this case , i'll contact later. Thanks.
  5. Hi all, If my client infected ransomeware, how to i can check reason about user disabled ESET or ESET can not scan this ransomware ? ( ransomware is exsit in database virus ESET )
  6. Hi MartinK, I tried install again with information below ERA Server : ERA Proxy : Client not access internet, only communicate with ERA Proxy. All in one installer include 2 policies : 1.Change agent IP communication between client and ERA Proxy : client will connect to ERA PROXY port 2222 2.Change HTTP proxy endpoint on client : client will connect ERA PROXY port 3128 ( ERA Proxy installed Apache Http) After installed on clinet, erverything is ok : client connected ERA PROXY port 2222 and 3128, it can active and update DB via ERA Proxy ( client not access internet). When I log on web console ERA server, i check detail of this client, it don't have 2 policies integrated All in one installer , then return this client to check, HTTP Proxy on client had changed to IP ERA SERVER.So that I must assign policy HTTP Proxy on client via web console again ? Please check video demo via link : hxxp://fsend.vn/WnwPkfYv ( this link will remove after 7 days)
  7. Hi MartinK, I tried method as you advice.After install on clients, clients connected to ERA PROXY via port 2222.And I have to create policy change HTTP PROXY on ERA SERVER --> assign to clients. So can I integrated this policy ( http proxy) on ALL IN ONE installer ?
  8. Hi MartinK, I'm using ERA 6.5 I created all in one install below file attach.After install on client, I run NETSTAT -an on cmd, client connect to ERA SERVER IP with port 3128. I want after install all in one on clients, cliest must to connect ERA PROXY with port 3128 and 2222. How to I can do it ?
  9. Hi V2TW, I want to install all in one to clients in fact clients not communicate ERA server via direct.ERA server will communicate clients via ERA proxy. So how to can I do that ?
  10. Hi all, I created All in one installer include policy below : ESET Remote Administrator Agent : defined clients connect to ERA PROXY on "Servers to connect to" and "Http Proxy" ESET Endpoint for Windows : Tool --> proxy server --> ERA PROXY But after install on clients, clients not connected to ERA PROXY, it still connected to ERA SERVER. Please help me check this. Thanks.
  11. Thanks your information. It seems not help full.
  12. Hi MartinK, I checked on ERA 6.4 is same issue. SQL Server (ERASQL) is mean ? Because when I check service, ERA server is normal.
  13. Hi all, I'm using ERA 6.5, when I check sql service, I see "SQL Server Agent (ERASQL) stop", I tried start it on services.msc but it fail. Please help me check this. Thanks.
  14. Hi all, I'm using ERA : ESET Remote Administrator (Server), Version ESET Remote Administrator (Web Console), Version I changed Name computer on detail but it auto revert origin name before. Example : before change name computer --> A , after change name computer -->B After change name about 45 minutes , the name auto revert A. Please help me check this. Computer details To find out details about a computer, choose a client computer in Static or Dynamic Group and click Details to view more information about that computer. The information window consists of seven different parts: Basic: •Name - you can change the computer's Name or Description.
  15. Hi all, i'm using ESET ENDPOINT SECURITY. Some clients had issues with USB. When plug in USB A, the explorer hang serveral minutes . When chose DO NOT SCAN option on REMOVABLE MEDIA on this client OR plug in other USB B --> everything is ok. Use this USB A to other client --> everything is ok. The issue occurred not all my clients. Please help me check. I've gotten ELC on this client. Thanks a lot. ees_logs_tda.zip
  16. Hi Marcos, So after infected, ESET can not clean this ransomware ? I don't desire decrypt files.I want clean my system after infected.
  17. Hi all, I'm using ESET ENDPOINT ANTIVIRUS. My client detected Win32/Filecoder.HydraCrypt but it not deteted or clean.On ERA server, report on this client with this virus sign ACTION is NULL . Please help me check this.
  18. Hi Marcos, Thanks your advice. But my issue is clients not scan at time I desire via Policy. My clients not work at 12:00 everyday and I want pc scan at this time.
  19. Hi Marcos, I set flag scheduler is REPLACE and uncheck policies default on client.And my data is too big ( about 3TB) so every update ( althought database update is litte ), my pc scan again too long and performance is low.How to fix this issue ? Thanks for response.
  20. Hi all, I had 2 problems with SCAN and update on client When I created scheduler SCAN + UPDATE to clients at 12:00pm.But some clients not scan + update at that scheduler. And when scan after update, ESET not scan with mode SMART SCAN, it too long time for scan again ( before it scan complete when setup ESET). I created ESET Log Collector on client not scan at time scheduler and log on client scan too long time below link : hxxp://fsend.vn/lAcqyDa0 (note : this link will remove after 7 days) Please help me check this. Thanks.
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