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  1. Hi all, My customer have a request deploy ESET below : ERA PROXY 1 <---> ERA PROXY 2 <--->ERA server. As i know, during setup ERA PROXY just have fill IP of ERA server (need import certificate Proxy and Certification authority ).Can deploy ERA PROXY connect to other ERA PROXY ? Thanks.
  2. HI all, I have a case need your help. My system have : old ERA server (1) <--> ERA PROXY server <--> clients Now i need change to : new ERA server (2) <--> ERA PROXY server <--> clients I did below link : hxxp://support.eset.com/kb3701/#agentpolicy ERA PROXY server has connected to new ERA server (2) but all clients connected ERA PROXY server current not appear on new ERA server (2). I think just change on ERA PROXY and all clients connected current will be appear on new ERA server (2). Please help me this.
  3. Hi all, My client is windows server 2008 R2. It infected "Win32/Exploit.CVE-2017-0147.A" and ESET can not deleted it completed ( just alert : clean by deleting). Althought i scan with mode : smart scan , In-depth scan but it can not deleted this virus.When i deteled it in Quarantine, it reappear in Quarantine again. Please help me this. Thanks.
  4. Hi Marcos, Any else solution ? Eset can not clean this virus ?
  5. Hi all, My Antivirus Threate Report Dashboard is below file attach : "win32/agent.txw " seem did not clean ( Object type : boot sector). Almost my client have been infected this. Please help me solved this. THanks.
  6. HI MichaIJ, This mobile is not manage by ERA server.This mobile i enroll via email and it fail with error :HTTPS not availd.I fixes this error and enroll new email to this mobile and it managed by ERA.But old mobiles not deteted completed on ERA (old mobiles not CONNECTED ERA before).Please see my attach.
  7. Hi all, I need to remove mobile not managed below file attach.How to i can remove it ? I tried remove but it automatic add again.
  8. HI janoo, So how to i use this era_db backup to new ERA server when old ERA server not working ( hardware crash) ?
  9. Hi janoo, Why almost clients can connected after restore database ? When i restore database, all certificates have been avaiable.
  10. Hi Janoo, When i setup ERA server and clients finished.I backup database era_db on sql.After that, i tried remove something ( polices, agent certificate, group,...) on era web console.After do that, all clients will not connected to ERA -> sure. I've restore era_db backup before on THIS ERA SERVER ( just restore database) .After restore finish, almost clients connected this ERA server.I mean that : some clients fail and i must repair AGENT on these clients ( just repair and KEEP CURRENTLY USED CERTIFICATES on cliens).
  11. Hi janoo, I want ensure my backup database on ERA server can working if i restore database when server crash or die. All clients automatic reconnected on ERA server after restore database , i did not do anything. Some clients have that issue.When i repair agent on clients --> check "Keep currently used certifiates " --> these clients connected ERA server normal.
  12. HI all, Today i've been backup SQL database on my ERA server ( win 2k8R2, ERA 6.5, SQL express 2k8R2). After backup finished.I tried delele some things : Agent certificate, Server certificate, polies, groups,...).After that , i restore my backup database.Every thing is ok, almost clients have been connected again.But one client is fail and alert below log. And i repair agent on this client, it can connected normal. Please help me check this issuse.Because if my client about 200 clients, i can not repair agent on each client. THANKS. errorlog.txt
  13. HI MichaIJ, Thanks alot.My ERA server has been upgraded finished.( over 1 hour).
  14. HI all, Today i've been task Upgrade ERA server form 6.4 to 6.5.Time duration about 30-45minutes. When i log on ERA webconsle, it fail below file attach.Please help me this.
  15. Hi MichaIJ, Thanks your information.Because i need install new ERA server the same IP old ERA, i want all clients ( 300 clients) will connected to new ERA server.I can not repair agent on each client.
  16. Hi MichaIJ, I mean that : why not any action with threat detected ?Some threats have been action "clean or deteted".
  17. Hi all, My clients report on ERA webconsole below file attach.At column ACTION, i see "NOT ACTION",i don't know it is mean ?So why eset deteted virus but not any action ( clean, delete...) ?
  18. Hi all, I need to install new server ERA the same IP old ERA server.I configruated below link : hxxp://help.eset.com/era_install/64/en-US/clean_installation_same_ip.htmExport all certificates from current ERA Server and save onto your external storage. oExport all Certification Authority Certificates from your ERA Server and save each CA certificate as a .der file. oExport all Peer Certificates (Server certificate, Agent certificate, Proxy certificate, MDM certificate, etc.) from your ERA Server to a .pfx file. Exported .pfx will have private key included as well. When i log in new ERA server, i can not import "Peer Certificates" Please help me check this.
  19. HI all, I installed ESET FILE SECURITY for Linux server version 4.5.7. But i can not enable Real-time protection when wget test file eicar.om--> file download completed and no warning any alert. If i scan on-demand manual, it detected and deleted that file. How can ESET real-time protection on linux server ? ( i use Centos 7 64bit) Thanks.
  20. Hi all, ESET AV TOOLS not suppored Kas Small version 17.thanks.
  21. Hi all, I created ALL IN ONE installer for windows ( include AV remover).When i run this file on client, it can not scan old AV on client.See attach my image.
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