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  1. Hi All, Maple Lane is a horse trailer retailer for 11 years- have used ESET products for 4 years now, after having many issues with other top brands. We have enjoyed the products ESEt offers. Looking to learn more from the Forum providers and have a few questions answered once a moderator approves participation. We are Windows 7 and 10 users...desktops and laptops mixed. We run website, accounting, email and word processing software, with social media apps as well. Typical small business...no IT person on board, so need to learn for ourselves about networking computers and keeping them s
  2. Hello All, We have 5 computers connecting to one server that hosts Quickbooks...Quickbooks has overnight decided that the periphery computers cannot access the data on the Server- due to an interference by the ESET software- or so the error messages keep saying. Quickbooks indicates its an anti-virus/security software issue, so I am turning to the experts to advise. Hoping someone has a fix to share. Maple Lane
  3. Hello Moderators, I am a new Forum Member. I have ESET security on all desktops and laptops in my small business set-up- 5 units in total. I set up a profile at my.eset.com, from which I downloaded and purchased various security programs. The login and password are not being recognized, and my requests to change the password has not resulted in the sending of the password changing links. I have set up a new profile, but cannot merge these accounts, from my viewing of the profile. I need to add security to a new desktop, and cannot access my current user key which should cover this desktop.
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