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  1. Thanks @Aryeh Goretsky for reporting this issue. It seems the problem may have something to do with the location it thinks my Internet Connection is coming from ? When I used my phone and forced it to use the Cell Tower connection (instead of home Internet connection via Broadband Network), it worked OK this time. Cheers
  2. Thanks @Greg96 - your suggestion worked. There is something really weird happening here ? I just tried your suggestion using Google Chrome on my phone with my Home Wi-Fi connected to the phone. The first time I tried it went to the same error page. Next I cleared the Chrome cache. I then turned off the Wi-Fi connection for the phone, so it was only using my phones Optus Mobile Network connection. This time it worked !!! It ended up on https://au.store.eset.com/renewal/check Cheers
  3. Hello I hope this is the correct place to post this query. I have sent messages to ESET support International and no one has replied yet. I have been a customer of ESET for more than 10 years and am extremely computer literate. Each year I have successfully renewed ESET using the Australian web portal, however at the moment all links to RENEW my ESET license via the Australian website DO NOT work right now. The link to renew inside the ESET GUI is also not working. Steps to replicate problem. Please note my I.P. is based in Australia, as I believe this may be part of the problem. 1. Go to this link: https://www.eset.com/au/support/existing-customers/ 2. Press Renew button 3. A re-direct then goes to this link: https://go.eset.com/renew/?_ga=2.268813942.684404668.1581554792-672009164.1581554792 4. Then it re-directs again and finally ends up here: https://www.eset.com/store/ On this page it reports a re-direct error and suggests to "Try clearing your cookies". I then clear my cookies, but this does not change a thing. 5. I have tried Google Chrome, Firefox, IE, Edge and Opera - all web browsers suffer from the same error. I managed to send a message to the Australian Support email address and they asked me to phone them to process my order. When I explained to them there was a problem with the AU website, they said "yeah we know about the problem, but don't know how to fix it" !!! When I asked if they had reported this to ESET headquarters, they had no interest in pursuing the matter any further. I can't believe they don't care about the website not working !? Does ESET International realize there is a problem with the Australian website ? My guess is that they must be loosing some customers because of this problem. Can someone please investigate this problem OR tell me who I can send a message to, to get it fixed ? I have uploaded some screen shots to show the problem. Regards Derek
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