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  1. Hi Marcos, Thank you for taking the time to answer my question. The sequence was 6.0.1 then a new copy of ESET, as buying a new licence and trying to upgrade the installed AV failed in a continous loop of 'update the components, updated them, update the components' and thus I resorted to removing the AV then installing the version from Google Play (directed there by ESEt website). Thank you for advising that only one application can access SMS - I am presuming the stock message reader, correct? Is the fact that there is no longer a version update checker built into the ESET app, also a result of 6.0.1? Or put it another way, will Google Play now let me know when ESET AV program components needs updating? Many thanks Marcos for your time in this matter - most appreciated.
  2. Hi there, ​ I have noticed on the latest version of Android Mobile Security 3.3.17 0-0, that Remote SMS command feature has changed. When sending a remote command such as: eset find password , the SMS and response now appear in the target device SMS inbox as well as sending the same response to the interrogating device - before they were intercepted on the target device i.e. did not appear in the target device inbox. To the best of my knowledge this did not happen in previous versions, and the old behaviour made sense i.e. you want to locate your phone first without any potential thief knowing you are tracking the device. The target device is a Galaxy S5 running Android 6.0.1 Has anyone else observed this different behaviour? Many thanks in advance for any assistance, confirmation etc.
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